1* Please can all dancers arrive 10 minutes early before class and make sure to register and show your payment/invoice document.

 2* When students arrive early they must wait outside the dance studio quietly so they  do not disrupt the class that is going on, students please remember to keep all noise to a minimum or you will be asked to leave.

 3* Students please make sure u leave enough time to get to class because if you are more than 10 minutes late u will be told to leave because it is very disrupting to the other students and the student would have also missed the very important warm up.

 4* Please make sure that all students are dressed in appropriate dance clothing, no jeans, no shoes, no Healy’s (please wear a Hype t-shirt /hoody /jogging bottoms/leggings/shorts, and very comfortable trainers).

 5* Each student must drink there own water bottle clearly named with there name on it , please bring enough drink or water to class and also any medication needed

 6* All students have to be very assertive to all the information that is given to u in class and remember that whatever information that is given to you at a dance session stays private and confidential and that only dance crew members and their Parent are to be told about class discussions and events/trips.

7* Performance group Parents and students must realise that in class all decisions that are made in class about team clothing, quad groups, duos etc…. are my decision, students are free to come and talk to me privately if they would like to be with a particular person but that does not guarantee that they will be partnered with this person but it will be taken into consideration , if you are not happy you are free to talk to me about it, but if it is an invaded reason things will not be changed.

 8* Performance group students and parents must realise that all absents and lateness from class and events effects the whole group so please take this into consideration. If you are going to be late please send a text to let me know and if you are going to be absent please give me at least a 2 days’ notice

 9* Students must arrive on time to each session and must not leave the session until class is fully finished, for Performance group members failure do this will cause that student to be eliminated from the performance group, because parents/student must realise that being in the performance group you are one unit that must work together.

10* On Wednesdays & Sundays Parents/guardians will no longer be allowed to stay due to new covid19 rules

11* All students are banned from wearing any sort of other clothing that promotes another dance school or dance company to any hype class/event or competition wear are ok, but if you wish to order Hype Dance clothing with your own personalised name on it or if you have items you would like to customise please let me know, (IN YOUR UNIFORM PACK EACH STUDENT SHOULD ALREADY HAVE A HYPE COMPANY SWEATSHIRT AND TSHIRT , THAT MUST BE WARN TO TURN UP TO COMPETITIONS BUT THEY CAN ALSO BE WARN TO CLASS IF MAINTAINED WELL)

12* Each Wednesday before class each parent/student must log into the treinity website to sign the venues covid19 waver . 13* Performance group students and parents  All MONTHLY PAYMENT FEES and competition and event money must be paid on time, if a student/parent doesn’t contact me within 2 days of the payment date, that person will be cut from the performance and trip with no refund of any previous comp/event payment.

14* All students please treat all guest teachers with the same respect that you show me and always remember to say thank you

15* All students must promise to give 100% focus & energy in class and to remember treat everyone including parents with Full respect and especially on Wednesdays try to make friends with people you don’t already know.

16* Performance group students and parents once you have joined the Sunday Performance Team u have to stay for 6 months before leaving and must give a letter from a guardian/parents a month before you leave, Dance company swapping is not prohibited, and if any dance crew member auditions or joins another competing street dance school without asking that will be an automatic suspension from the company, unless both dance school teachers have spoken about how the students placement it will affect both of their companies , that student will no longer be about to attended or sit in on any Sunday sessions and will not be allowed to be informed or notified of any company discussions/events or trips, any student caught passing on information will also be jeopardising their space in the dance crew. Hype will continue to support that student in their life and career but they will have to stick by their choice of leaving the Hype dance company. Loyalty is very strong in Hype Dance Company and we do have a good relationship with most dance companies in the uk , so this rule is to avoid any future complications.

 17* Very important– If any student/ parent/family member or friend is being negative rude/disrespectful or aggressive to myself or any other company member or dancer inside or outside of class, then that person will Permanently banned from Hype dance company, students will at something known as the 3 strike ban, if they receive 3 warnings from me in a month they will be Permanently banned from Hype dance company even if it is the students parent that is the 1 causing the problem..

 18* Very important– If there are any problems involving any Hype dance company Bristol students that has happened in class or at a hype event parents must not at any time talk to the student directly , if there is a problem involving a child including your own parents must talk to me directly and I will sort it out with that student and parents will be informed, if there are issues outside of dance Hype dance company , I will not be held responsible and that is an outside matter, if the incident involves something to do with dance and it is said over social media please bring proof and I will deal with that student and their parents will be informed, if it is not dance related then I suggest that you as a parent inform the police because hype does not tolerate any kind of bullying, including any on social media.

19* If any parents have any fund raising ideas or would like to take on the job of organising fundraising events please let me know, because to make these kids excel to be all that they can be, we must all work together as a team.