Our Team

Message From CEO

My name is Natasha Benjamin i am the CEO of Hype Dance Company Bristol, HYPE is a community based dance company that has been running for 16 years.

Hype Dance company was made to create a safe space to help Dancers learn Dance, confidence and social skills in a diverse environment that will expect anyone no matter there size, ethnicity or gender. Growing up in Bristol there were not many places that offered this so I wanted to show Bristol that through Dance anyone can be accepted. I have taught and Choreographed for many schools and colleges all over the UK and am 1 of the main Choreographers for the Boomtown opening ceremony each year. I specialise in street dance, afro carnival , and bollywood. Through out the years of Running and teaching Hype I have had the pleasure of teaching some amazing students that have now incredible dance teachers and performers of the world and that makes me incredible proud. I also was the c.e.o and founder of the The who am I dance project in Bristol. Now that I have seen Hype grow into what it is I can now sit back and see it grow and flourish, and am very proud of all of my students accomplishments. I love what I do and would never change it for anything else in the world.

Fun fact: I was an Olympic Touch bearer in the 2012 torch relay for the work that I do with Hype Dance Company

Our Teachers


Alexandra Williams

My name is Alexandra Williams and I am currently 20 years old. I have been a member of hype since I was 14 years old and started teaching from when I was 16. Hype has opened many doors for me from teaching classes to performances, teaching at primary schools and secondary schools. Dance can be interpreted in many ways; which has enhanced my critical thinking. The value of my transferrable skills from dance to working life is very effective and all my said skills have helped shape me into the woman I am becoming. Examples of these skills are problem solving, creativity, working with others. Hype has supported the development of my confidence as When I first started that was a area in which I wasn’t excelling in but as I was often required to perform in front of an audience my confidence grew massively. Teaching is my passion and I try to be the best role model for the children and help them and be apart of their journey not only through dance but to excel in their everyday life.


Lewis Norman

My name is Lewis Norman I’m from Bristol. I have been dancing for the past 13 years as I trained as a Hiphop dancer.

I went on to further my training as I got accepted from the Liverpool institute for performing arts as I studied dance for 3 Years professionally And graduated in 2016.

Credit : Global village dubai, The festival movie , Adidas and Reebok HQ Manchester, BoomTown lions den stage,

Sean Paul warm up act o2 arena Bristol,


Genaya Hartley Gordon

My names Genaya, I’m 19 years old and currently co-choreographer for hype dance company. I started off at hype as a dancer when I was 5 and have had a strong passion for it ever since. It’s been amazing to dance for hype over the years, touring Europe and appearing on tv e.g performing at bestival to a crow of over 30,000 people, being on cbbc’s aleshas street dance stars, the list goes in with all the amazing opportunities. It’s now a pleasure that I get to be one of hypes teachers for our 3 groups in the company. Being able to grow and strengthen dancers is always something to be proud of and knowing I’m a part of their journey is a honour. Hype has always done well in the past and present and we have a lot more to bring in the future and it’s now being handed down to past members of hype to produce that including myself, Alex and Lewis and we can’t wait to showcase it


Shae White

My name is Shae and I’m 20 years old. I have been dancing since the early age of 7. I started off at hype and worked my way up. I’ve competed all across Europe and even competed in America back in 2018. I have also appeared on talent tv shows such as Alesha’s Street Dance Stars and Got To Dance. I studied BTEC Urban dance at CLF for college In which I trained in contemporary, Jazz, hip hop, popping, locking, house, commercial and break dancing. I jump at every chance I can get to teach, so I am truly grateful to be a permanent teacher here at Hype dance company. It is important for me to teach young dancers how to explore their bodies and push themselves to be better in every way. It is also a massive thing for me to teach dancers the importance of music as it is the key instrument for movement. Here at hype we are one big family, so don’t be shy to say hello or ask any questions. I will be more than happy to help.