What is HYPE !!!

We provide fun exciting street dance classes to cater to all levels, those classes are called Hype Wednesday open for all kids and teen/Adult street dance classes

Hype Dance Company Introduction

Welcome to Hype Dance Company, My name is Natasha Benjamin I am a the CEO of Hype Dance Company Bristol, HYPE is a community based dance company that has been running for 16 years. The word H.Y.P.E for us stands for HELPING .YOUNG .PEOPLE .EXCEL

Wednesday open for all classes

Wednesday open for all classes is a great class to have fun and learn fantastic moves and get basic street dance training where students will learn different routines each week to challenge them at different styles , Wednesday Hype Open for all classes have 3 main teachers: *Lewis Norman * Alex Williams * Genaya Hartley-Gordon But each month there are also different classes & workshops from teachers around Bristol and the UK. We expect all dancers to push themselves in all classes and always come to class ready to learn and to try their best. There is also a high responsibility as a parent to get them to practice & rehearse in front of you at home. Most classes will be put up on the Hype Dance Company youtube page by the next day but if not parents can request the video via WhatsApp. At the moment Due to Covid19 there are limited spaces of 18 students in the hall , so all Wednesday classes will have to be paid via the website on a first pay basis , there is a no refund policy on these classes. Due to new covid19 rules Parents/Guardians will not be allowed to stay inside the building for the Wednesday Hype open for classes, parents must drop off at the door and be ready 10 minutes before class to pick the student up.

Hype Achievements

Some Achievements of the Hype performance group are: Soar Europeon street dance champions 2019 *Boomtown open ceremony act 2019/2018 *street dance xxl winners, *uk street dance challenge winners * welsh dance organisation winners *Bristol best dance act winners , * 1st place at Disney Dance Camp in Paris *we have appeared to Britains got talent/ got to dance and aleashas street dance stars, bbc1 eat well for less *street fest national champions *street dance xxl championship winners *soar dance champions * Opening acts USA artists for sean paul, Neyo and Ginuwine. * Notting Hill Carnival winners *headline performers at boomtown & bestival * The official street dance group to open Cabot Circus Shopping Centre 2008 And many many more

Performance teams

We also have 3 performance teams which represent the company and compete and perform all over the uk and Europe they are called: Hype Dance crew , Hype Juniors and our new Addition this year Hype Minis Each year kids from all over will get a chance to audition to be part of these performance teams, so that new and old members have a fair chance in getting represent hype and themselves, auditions are based on dance ability and also behaviour and attitude . if you would like them to push themselves further in their dance development & would like them to perform and compete at an international level and are ready for Hype Teachers to push them to their best ability then please talk to a teacher on about when the next audition date is and how you can sign them up to audition to get into one o Hypes performance Groups.

Our Values

It is very important that Hype members are good role models to themselves and others as you never know who is watching and Dancers have to represent what the company stands for. Whatever you’re Childs aims are in life, dance is a great way of achieving their lifetime goal it builds confidence and creates social and networking skills which will benefit them later on in the future.

More about Hype

Hype dance company offer exciting and vibrant street dance training which is not only fun and a good way of keeping fit but also keeps a lot of children of the streets and keeps their mind focused, & for some of the students hype is the only family that they have. From 2007 to 2019 98% of hype students have gone onto further education in college & University Some Hype Members have even gone on to study dance are now qualified as dance teachers, others are now are off on tours with celebrity artists and others are performing in the west end, tv and 1 is even in the new Mary Poppins Disney film.

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